The Definite Article THE

The Definite Article THE is the most frequently used word in English. It is the same for all genders in singular or plural.

Definite article is used to refer to a particular phenomenon or a thing. It can be something already mentioned or something specified.

We use THE:

  • with the words beach, cinema, theatre, world, weekend… (We’re going to the beach every day).
  • before the names of the cinemas (the Cineplex), hotels (the Four Seasons), theatres (the Rex), museums (the Louvre), groups of islands/states (the Philipines, the United Kingdom), etc…
  • with the names of rivers (the Danube), seas (the Mediterranean), mountain ranges (the Himalayas), the oceans (the Atlantic), deserts (the Sahara).
  • before musical instruments (I can play the piano).
  • with names of people, families, nationalities (the Smiths, the French)
  • with titles without names (the Prime Minister)
  • with superlative forms of adjectives (the most popular)

We don’t use THE:

  • with proper nouns (Sarah is travelling to India).
  • before names of sports, colors, meals, etc… (They play cricket on Sunday)
  • with names of countries (Germany), streets (Oxford Street), mountains (Mount Olympus), lakes (Balaton Lake), etc…
  • before titles with names (President Obama)


  1. _________ Sahara Desert is in ______ Asia.
  2. ______ Mount Everest is ____ highest mountain in ___world.
  3. ____tennis is  an Olimpic sport.
  4. Would you come to _____ cinema with us?
  5. I am looking for _____ nearest post office.
  6. Jack can play ______ guitar.
  7. _____ blue is my favorite color.
  8. Thee is a hilarious comedy in ____ Odeon tonight.
  9. We’re going to ____ Bath for a day trip.
  10. We’re spending our holiday on _____ Bermuda Islands.


Answers: 1. the, – ; 2. -, the, the; 3. – ; 4. the; 5. the; 6. the; 7. – ; 8. the; 9. – ; 10. the









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