Personal Pronouns





Fill in the gaps with an appropriate subject or object personal pronoun:

  1. My sister speaks French well and ____ is also learning Spanish.
  2. What is your cat doing on the roof? – ____ is trying to catch a mouse.
  3. _____ is Saturday evening and ____ is raining.
  4. Red is my favorite color. ____ like _____ more than any other color.
  5. My children like summer best because ____ don’t go to school.
  6. My friend Susan is on holiday. ____ is getting back on Sunday.
  7. Bob and ____ are brothers and Deborah is our sister.
  8. Jake is not alone. Sally is with _____.
  9. What would ____ like to drink?
  10. You should talk to _____. They’re your cousins.
  11. ____ is Mrs. Williams, my neighbor. I know _____.
  12. My grandmother would tell ____ interesting stories when ____ were little.
  13. Send ____ a postcard. ____ know my address.
  14. Get your roller skates and ride ______!
  15. Tim’s arrived. Tell ____ to come for lunch.

Answer key:

1.she, 2. It, 3. It, it, 4.I, it, 5.they, 6.she, 7.I, 8.him,, 10.them,,, we, you, 14.them, 15.him

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