Relative pronouns

Most commonly used relative pronouns are who, which, that, whose, when and where.

We normally use who for people and some pet animals and which for things.

We can use that instead of who or which.

The woman who (that) gave me the letter.

She gave me the letter which (that) was red.

This is the computer which (that) costs a lot of money.

Is this the person who (that) stole your purse?

We use whose as the possessive form of who:

This is the man whose house we bought.

Jane married a man whose family adore her.

We use when to introduce time:

There is a time when everyone needs to rest.

5 o’clock is the time when we usually have tea.

We use where for place:

I know a place where they serve excellent fish and chips.

This is the town where I used to live.





  1. This is the man _____ works with me.
  2. My cat, ______ is yellow, is very cuddly.
  3. Bob, ________ birthday is in December, is my best friend.
  4. Here comes the train ______ you need to get.
  5. This is the restaurant _____ I told you about, _____ they serve delicious food.
  6. This is an actor _____ I saw on TV last night.
  7. Mr Abbey, ______ daughter goes to school with my son, is a kind man.
  8. It was the day _____ everything went wrong.
  9. I’m going to visit France, _______ my brother lives.
  10. My company, ______ makes shoes, is closing next month.

Key: 1) who (that), 2) who (which, that), 3) whose, 4) which (that), 5) which (that), where, 6) who (that), 7) whose, 8) when, 9) where, 10) which (that)

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