Comparison of Adjectives and Adverbs – Superlative

Click on this link to download the exercises for this grammar unit

Superlative is the highest degree of comparison and it is used to compare one thing with more than one thing:

This is the largest house in the neighbourhood.

They used the finest silk to make the scarf.

That hotel is the most expensive in the city.

  • If the adjective has only one syllable, then we add the suffix –est to it:

That’s the highest mountain in the region.

Kathy’s dog is the tiniest and cutest pet I’ve ever seen.

  • Two-syllable adjectives ending in –y are formed in the same way as monosyllable ones:

easy – easiest, noisy- noisiest, cosy- cosiest, pretty- prettiest, ugly-ugliest, early – earliest

The earliest train is at 4 a.m.

 I remember my student apartment as the cosiest in the dorm.

  • as well as some other two-syllable adjectives such as:

quiet – quietest/most quiet, clever – cleverest/most clever, narrow – narrowest/most narrow, simple – simplest/most simple, etc.

My neighborhood is the quietest/the most quiet.

Streets in Malta are the narrowest/the most narrow in all Mediterranean.

  • For other two or more syllables adjectives we use the most

Beach hotels are the most expensive in the summer time.

Our excursion was the most exciting thing that happened to me.

  • We use most (without ‘the’) for adverbs ending in –ly:

We should consider his offer most seriously.

  • There are also irregular adjectives and adverbs:

good – better – the best; bad, ill – worse – the worst; much, many – more – the most; little – less – the least; far- farther/further – the farthest/the furthest




Write sentences from the notes. Use the superlative forms of the adjectives:

  1. Wednesday/busy day/week
  2. Tony/kind person/ I know
  3. This dress/expensive/shop
  4. Their house/large/our street
  5. The Plaza/good hotel/town
  6. This/comfortable chair/here
  7. Gina/old student/ class
  8. This/difficult question/test
  9. Anna/successful salesperson/company
  10. This/noisy neighbourhood/I know


(Answers: 1)Wednesday is the busiest day of the week. 2) Tony is the kindest person I know. 3) This dress is the most expensive in the shop. 4) Their house is the largest in our street. 5) The Plaza is the best hotel in town. 6) This is the most comfortable chair here. 7) Gina is the oldest student in the class. 8) This is the most difficult question on the test. 9) Anna is the most successful salesperson in the company. 10) This is the noisiest neighborhood I know.

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